Ramana Devi

Ramana Devi is a Self Actualization Guru. She is a Humanitarian, and works tirelessly to bring about positive change within society. ekaH Foundation provides a vehicle for Ramana Devi to serve Humanity. Those seeking to actualize their full potential come to our Guru for support, guidance and instruction. Ramana Devi is an expert in matters of the Self, and actualizing the Self is her primary goal for those seeking fulfilment and enrichment in their own lives, and the lives of those they love and cherish.

Ramana Devi is not only supporting individuals to reach their highest goals for themselves, but also devotes a large proportion of her time and energy to her community and society as a whole, seeking to serve those less fortunate and bring about change so that they too can blossom and grow. Ramana Devi believes success and happiness should be accessible and available to all.

Ramana blends both the Eastern, Hindu classical Advaita Vedanta philosophy with the Western Psychology theories. The goal of both philosophies is the same, which is to actualize the true nature or fullest potential of the Self (Atman), or individual into conscious awareness within the daily life of the person.

Ramana Devi is governed by Brahman, but also influenced by Jung and Freud. She merges both the Yoga’s and Paths of Advaita with the theories and practices of Psychology. Drawing from the scriptures of Bhagavad Gita, the Sutras, the Upanishads and the theoretical knowledge and wisdom of the great psychologists.

Ramana Devi particular passion or focus is the mind, and how it works. She has studied the mind for nearly thirty years now. Her objective is to support people in achieving or attaining happiness and fulfilment, which are the products of Self-realization and self-actualization. Ramana Devi has both spiritual and secular clients, Yogis, seekers and people from all walks of life come to seek her guidance, support and wisdom. She is not only a spiritual Leader, but a great Humanitarian. A leader and philanthropist.

Ramana worked for twelve years purely in personal and self-development with a strong emphasis on western psychology. But, then went to India and felt attracted to the scriptures of Hindu philosophy and its Yoga. So, Ramana trained as a Satguru and studied all the major texts for ten years. She was finally given permission to propagate Hindu philosophy in the west by Swami Avimuktesvarananda Sarasvati in 2016.  Now in 2019, and after completing her intensive training as a Satguru, she is re connecting to the western psychology and starting on the final part of her journey to bring them both together in perfect harmony.

Ramana Devi is trained in Hindu Philosophy, Yoga, Teaching, Herbal Medicine, life coaching, Meditation practice, personal development and management. Her practical skills are also vast including graphic design, photography, business administration, leadership, intuitive, calm, dynamic, spontaneous, compassionate, …….

Ramana Devi experiences over the last 30 years have included Art development for children in inner city areas to encourage self-esteem and confidence. Life skills coaching for children excluded from school, and assistance in emotional intelligence. Parenting to cope with gifted young people. Strategies for parents with children identified as autistic and ADHD, ADD. Life purpose coaching for individuals. Development courses for personal development. Services for Business, charity and voluntary sector such as Team building, leadership skills, corporate management support.  Family support for conscious parents. Teaching children in schools to develop life skills, money management, emotional intelligence. Development of teaching techniques and educational models for both children and adults to deal with emotions and mental health. Work with city homelessness issues. Development of animal sanctuaries in India, food relief, animal compassion, natural ecology, environmental issues, health and well-being for children in poor communities, training and skills for women, children and young people who have been affected by AIDS, HIV, Tsunami, Sexual abuse, sex trafficking. Employability training for young people in India. Self-esteem and confidence building for young people in India.

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