Pashupati Ashram

100 % of our profits are donated to Pashupati Ashram Animal Sanctuary.

Pashupati Ashram resides on 30 Acre Farm  with a farmhouse, agricultural buildings, a large stone barn and land. The farm is devoted primarily to agricultural processes and the cultivation of food and other primary resources, which are used to sustain and enhance human life.

We have a herb farm, vegetable plot, fruit and nut trees. We practice cruelty free farming, following the guidelines of Ahimsa – Non-Violence; Ahimsa doesn’t just mean not doing harm – it also means working positively to promote tolerance, forgiveness & compassion and to help those who are less fortunate.

Our Amazing Animal Sanctuary provides food, shelter, veterinary care, and an abundance of love to over 45 animals. We started with our beloved race horse Lotus, who was rescued at aged 2 years from a painful life of abuse. Lotus is now the mascot for our animal sanctuary, she represents everything we stand for. We are very proud to know her!

Since 2007 when we found Lotus, and moving to Rossendale our animal sanctuary has quickly grown into an amazing environment of love and compassion for many animals. We have cows, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, horses, cats, and of course the dogs.

Our Sponsorship programme is very supportive of the animals. An individual, or organisation is invited to donate a sum of money to either a particular animal of their choosing, or the whole animal sanctuary. They can donate a one off payment, or monthly/tri monthly/weekly or annually. This income is a valuable source of sustainability for the up keep of our beloved friends.

Beautiful housing loving created for our nature buddies.

We have planted 6,000 trees, fenced off all of our trees to protect them. A pond is home to newts and frogs. We cultivate lots of wild, over grown areas for the field mice, voles, and shrews. Holes are dug in the ground for our wild rabbits, foxes and moles. Dry stone walling is built for insects and to act as a wind break for the other animals. Ditches and banks assist in drainage and provide wet areas for frogs. Bushes are placed around the edges of our animal grazing fields for shelter. Garden areas are planted with an array of bee and butterfly friendly plants and bushes. We use natural farming methods, refraining where possible from the use of machinery. We do not use any chemicals, herbicides or pesticides. And are members of Vegan Organics who promote stock free growing worldwide. Farming without the use of any animal products!

We have 30 acres of land, which we share with the animals, insects, wildlife, plants, flowers and trees. We believe that we are all one, interconnected being. And, therefore what we do to another, we are actually doing to ourselves. Our philosophy and way of life is gentle, loving and supportive to all life.

We strongly believe that we as humans are only equal to other beings, not superior. And, life at the Ashram reflects this. We aspire to treat each being that lives here with respect and an attitude of service.

We have planted thousands of trees on the land to make our own personal contribution to supporting our environment. Not taking the environment for granted.

Our ethos of ‘Ahimsa’ (meaning Non-violence) plays a huge role in our production. Every step of our creative process is carefully and lovingly taken with compassion towards animals, our environment and nature. Our aim is bring this awareness into society through our beautiful produce. Pashupati Ashram produce a variety of products for health and well-being. Every product has been created without harm towards animals, the environment and our beloved nature. Our products range include Organic Medicinal Herbs, Culinary Spices, Organic Herbal Animal products, Organic Essential oils & Pure Vegetarian Foods produced at our amazing Pashupati Ashram, deep in the heart of the Rossendale Valley, UK.

Please see a comprehensive list of our medicinal herbs below: for further products please go to our online

What is Natural Ecology?

Well, Ecology literally means the study of the house, environment. It is the study of interactions among organisms and their environment.

Here at Pashupati Ashram we have spent over 7 years studying ourselves as a living organism, and all of our interactions on a daily basis. We have studied our interactions with the land, nature, animals and our environment as they co exist with us. And, through self awareness we can establish our relationships with these organisms. We have found that we cannot exist seperate from them, and that we are all one interconnected organism. What we do in turn affects the other organisms, and vice versa.

We have learnt that through concentration and focus we can actually establish a greater awareness of who we really are, why we exist, and what is meant for our own lives. We can cultivate an awareness of our true nature through our daily interactions with our environment.

Sri Ramana Devi has created an amazing universal programme called Ahimsa. Ahimsa assists us in developing this expanded self awareness. It includes lessons on our relationship with water, the land, nature, animals and our environment. Each lesson contains 7 teaching techniques, which include the background and history of the topic, facts about the topic, a story about the topic with questions, a physical activity related to the topic, a creative activity related to the topic, self awareness questions and follow up guidelines/homework to be completed after the lesson has finished. Ahimsa, Natural Ecology Education Programme can be used by children, young people, parents, teachers and anyone wishing to learn about Natural Ecology.

The topics for our Natural Ecology Lessons are:

  • Water (a stand alone topic)
  • The Land Series
  • Soil
  • Manure
  • Composting & Bins
  • Plants, Pot & Seeds
  • Greenhouses & Vegetables
  • Nature Series
  • Butterflies
  • Insects
  • Frogs & Ponds
  • Ladybirds
  • Worms & Worm Farms
  • The Environment Series
  • Earth
  • Natural Weather
  • Trees
  • Re-Cycling & Waste
  • Renewable Energy
  • Animal Series
  • Chickens
  • Pigs
  • Sheep
  • Cows
  • Horses

You can study Ahimsa on line, which can be purchased from our on line shop –

The Ahimsa, Natural Ecology  programme has been devised by Sri Ramana, and endorsed by NOCN, a governing body in the UK. All students receive a NOCN Certificate at the end of their studies. And, can go on to become a recognised Ahimsa Teacher.