Our Ethos

What is ekaH Foundation?
A Community Interest Company based on Social Service providing  Beautiful, Natural Products, Courses and Services for Emotional and Mental Well being and Health.

What does the word ekaH mean?
ekaH means ‘One’.¬† It refers to the belief that we are all one, and therefore what we do to another we are actually doing to ourselves.

What does ekaH Foundation do?
The Foundation was created to Provide individuals and organisations with services based on Social Service. ekaH Foundation also delivers courses to educate and empower people, so that they can create a more natural environment for themselves to grow into the Loving, Compassionate individuals they deserve to be!

Why does ekaH Foundation do this?
ekaH Foundation works on the basis of Morals, values and Ethics. The Greatest Teacher is our Example.

What are ekaH Courses, & Workshops?
We have a variety of dynamic Courses, which promise to empower both individuals & organisations.

What are ekaH Cruelty Free Products?
The products sourced are all fairly-traded, and you are guaranteed a wonderful feeling with every purchase.

You can Purchase them everywhere you see the ekaH Logo?