Our Ethos

What is ekaH Foundation?
A Cruelty Free Company based on Compassion providing  Beautiful, Natural Products, Courses and Services for Emotional and Mental Well being and Health. Our products, courses and Services are all created and designed exclusively by Ramana Devi. Each Service promises to deliver Compassion to every customer with every moment of ekaH Education, every gram of ekaH Skincare cream and every inch of ekaH Foundation Programmes.

What does the word ekaH mean?
ekaH means ‘One’ in Sanskrit, the ancient language of the Hindu Scriptures. It refers to the belief that we are all one, and therefore what we do to another we are actually doing to ourselves. Hence, ekaH products and courses are all based on this philosophy of cruelty free, and the practice of non-violent living.

What does ekaH Foundation do?
The Foundation was created by Ramana Devi to Provide individuals and organisations with services based on compassion. ekaH Foundation also delivers courses to educate and empower people, so that they can create a more natural environment for themselves to grow into the Loving, Compassionate individuals they deserve to be!

Why does ekaH Foundation do this?
Ramana Devi believes in Dharma, a tradition of Right Conduct. How can we live in a material world, and not serve those less fortunate than ourselves? How can we bring our children into a world where people are suffering and not teach them to serve humanity?ekaH Foundation works on the basis of ethics.

ekaH Foundation believe The Greatest Teacher is our Example.

What are ekaH Courses, & Workshops?
Ramana Devi has created a variety of dynamic Courses, which promise to empower both individuals & organisations. All Courses are Endorsed, or Accredited by N O C N . ekaH Foundation is a N O C N Approved Education Centre. Our Course topics include Jiva Yoga Asanas, Vidya Vedanta Philosophy, R.A.P Personal Development Programme, Karuna Empowering Women Programme, Ahimsa Natural Ecology, 5 Pathways Purpose
Training, and Cakra Introduction.

What are ekaH Cruelty Free Products?
Ramana Devi travels the world searching for ethical, honest, trustworthy organisations that provide cruelty free products. She then painstakingly develops cruelty free products for us to consume that will support us in living a natural, kind, compassionate way of life. The products sourced are all fairlytraded, and you are guaranteed a wonderful feeling with your purchase. Knowing that you have helped to support a poor village family to feel empowered. ekaH Foundation shares images & films of the fairtrade production to encourage you to buy from them. It is an amazing feeling to know that you are serving these souls. Absolutely priceless! ekaH Foundation is currently sourcing, and producing Natural Masala Incense, Cold Pressed Soap, Natural Skincare Creams and Oils, Perfume Powder, Vetiver Bath Scrubs, Natural & Organic Clothing, Natural & Vegan Footwear, and a huge range of other Amazing Products.

You can Purchase them everywhere you see the ekaH Logo?

Our Masala Incense, cold pressed soap, recycled products, perfume powder, yoga bags, meditation chairs are all Fairtrade. And, more designs are coming soon. ekaH Cruelty Free Skincare Range developed in India with Natural, Vegan ingredients are Divine. Your skin is your major organ, and as such needs to be nurtured and cared for daily. Once you try Our Nature Skincare range filled with Pure Love, nothing else will feel good enough for your skin. Wearing Our Organic Cotton Clothing, which is naturally dyed using eucalyptus, rose petals, etc and produced without the use of chemicals is like wrapping your skin in a gentle cocoon of Divine Material. All designed by Ramana Devi for you. Our Vegan Shoes are powerful statements. They say We Care. All of our shoes are designed to look like ‘normal’ shoes, test your friends to see if they notice?