Ramana Devi has a great passion for supporting others to create their own job. Everything Ramana has created, she has done from the ground up. Painstakingly developing her own job.

Now, she supports anyone who genuinely has the drive and motivation to be their own boss and build their new job brick by brick. Ramana Devi has a vast amount of skills and resources, and utilises all of them to assist you into a better position so you too can empower yourself, just as Ramana has done herself into a better life, job and future.

ekaH Foundation currently supports Ramana Devi to provide Life coaching services to those in need within society. Our coaching packages are as follows:

FIVE PATHWAYS PURPOSE COACHING Five pathways is a dynamic approach, designed specifically to capture and harness the beautiful attributes that people find developing within themselves, but don’t always have a means with which to express? The programme takes you on a journey – connecting you to an awareness of your individual Self, facilitating a means through which you can give this expression, providing life skills, and then supporting you to set up your very own Social Service project, Business, Organisation or Self employment.

Our 5 Pathways Life Skills programme encourages independence, supporting you to make choices in your everyday life and to participate in the day-to-day activities of a healthy, productive life. ekaH Foundation adopts a person-centred approach to develop individualised support plans that focus on your needs and wellbeing. It is about helping you take control, making choices and deciding what is important for you. Each support plan is tailored to provide you with the skills to enable you to live the most independent life you can. Our services operate in partnership with you, and any other external agencies that we need to access to support you into success.

ekaH Foundation strongly believes in empowering you to learn and maintain skills for life.