How we work with Children

We are passionate about working with children to educate them in the world around them, and within them.

We do this by working in schools, other organisations and community venue’s to deliver our Ahimsa Programme and Yoga and Meditation.

We have recently been funded by Tesco Bags of Help to deliver this in schools in the local community.

Ahimsa Programme 

Aims of the Programme. 

The Ahimsa Programme aims to nurture and develop positive qualities ( for example, compassion, kindness and patience) in children, parents and teachers. The Ahimsa Programme encourages children, parents and teachers to embark upon a beautiful voyage of self-discovery through their interactions with their natural environment. The Ahimsa Programme cultivates greater self-awareness. This will support children in making better choices in their lives. This heightened self-awareness is fostered in a very gentle, yet universal way, through the teachings that nature so abundantly shares.

What are the benefits of experiencing the Ahimsa Programme?

As children, teachers and parents work their way through the Ahimsa Programme, they begin to develop a greater sense of respect, regard and understanding for their natural environment. As love and care is shown for our animal friends or for Earth resources, we begin to also foster a greater sense of respect for our own selves.

Teachers and practitioners are invited to train in this programme so they can continue to deliver in their organisation.

Yoga and Meditation 

Aims of the programme 

This programme will introduce your little ones to yoga and meditation learning about the qualities inside of themselves in a fun but structured way. It helps them to feel calmer, be social and is a great way to exercise.

The benefits are: 

Body– helps with balance/co ordination. Teaches self discipline and promotes inner calm. Boosts energy and raises self esteem . Helps to focus the mind.

Breathing– helps children to relax in this busy world- teaches breathing to promote inner calmness and balances the brains activity.

Mind– helps children to focus. Creativity in a fun safe environment. Releases happy endorphins and makes them feel good.

Heart– creates awareness and heart health.

Meditation– promotes a calmer mind.

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