Ramana Devi


Ramana Devi spent ten years as a personal, business and charity development consultant. She Studied Hindu philosophy for the last twenty years in India and worked extensively in humanitarian projects. In 2012, she founded a charity to provide Self development services as a complimentary approach to our Mental Health and well-being.

Ramana, and her family started their first homeless project in 2001 with their own children feeding the homeless in Manchester. This project soon grew until they were feeding 300,000 meals per year in Manchester. They then started their weekend school in inner city Manchester providing free classes in self esteem, confidence and positive values. This project now runs globally and has reached thousands of children all over the world. All these projects were funded by their own personal income. And they soon realized they had limited resources, and wanted to be able to reach and support more people.

So, the family created a charity which is now Shiva Trust charity. And now they have amazed us once more, by giving us ekaH Foundation – a social enterprise which can provide training and development to all those seeking to do more for our emotional health and well being.

ekaH Foundation is now also dedicated to improving lives, especially those driven to improve their emotional health and well being.

Please contact Ramana Devi directly at www.ramanadevi.com / ramana@ramanadevi.com