Self Actualization Coaching


CONSULTANCY AND COACHING One of our founders many skills has always been Personal Development. For the last 26 years Ramana Devi has been developing skills, and training people so that they may become not only better people, but happier people.

Ramana Devi has supported thousands of individuals all over the world to improve their way of life. Individuals, families, organisations, businesses and charities have all sought the wisdom and knowledge of Ramana Devi for a variety of life situations.

Both Eastern and Western philosophies are woven together to make a fantastic bespoke programme, no matter the problem or issue a solution will be provided with 100% guarantee success.

If you wish to book an appointment with Ramana Devi for a consultation for you, your family or your organisation then please contact us and we will make the arrangements.

ekaH Foundation also offers services including:

Corporate courses: in house, or at our Vidya Centre.

Bespoke courses include Meditation, Nutrition, Health and well-being days, Yoga, Life Purpose Training, The Power of the sub conscious mind, Natural ecology and Cakra Healing.

We can organise training and development consultancy, and away days!

Level 3 in Education and training: courses, and on line tutoring. A great method to deliver the necessary skills for your organisation to be able to grow and expand consciously.

Stalls and events: Invite us to your event or organisation with our natural, health and well-being products. And, indulge in some pampering for you or your staff.

We also offer:

  • Photocopying service
  • Graphic design
  • Animations
  • Digital art drawings
  • Printing
  • Book publishing.