NOCN Accredited Courses


ekaH Foundation also delivers courses to educate and empower you, we have created a variety of dynamic Courses which promise to empower both individuals and organisations. All of our courses are Endorsed, or Accredited by the National Open College. ekaH Foundation is a National Open College Approved Education Centre.

Our Course topics include:

JIVA YOGA ASANAS: A universal introduction to the practise of Yoga asanas (postures) for the promotion of all-round health and well-being. Suitable for all levels of ability, the programme also covers; Breathing exercises, Meditation, Moral based stories and Chanting.

VIDYA VEDANTA PHILOSOPHY: A practical introduction to the oldest philosophy in the world, this course shares how you can incorporate its practices into your daily life, and experience the time honoured benefits that they bring. Relevant and accessible to people of all faiths and none, study and learn about Puja, Meditation, Divine Senses, Having a Satguru (true teacher), Practising Yoga and How to study Scriptures.

RAP PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME: The ground-breaking Ramana Awareness Programme is a dynamic approach to personal development. Rooted in the sciences of both eastern and western psychology, the Programme has an awesome capacity to bring about real and lasting changes in the lives of all participants. Fun, accessible, playful and new, the programme explores; Goal Setting, How to programme the subconscious mind, Guided Visualisation, Role Play, Group Discussion and Journaling.

AHIMSA NATURAL ECOLOGY: Through exploring our relationships with nature, the environment, animals, the Earth, and ultimately ourselves, the programme teaches the art of Non-Violence. Topics covered include; Natural Ecology, Spiritual and Moral Development, Self Awareness, and Group Activity. This programme is especially suitable for Children but can be delivered to all ages.

CAKRAS INTRODUCTION: A practical introduction to working with the energy body, participants will learn practises and techniques that can have a profound impact on our fundamental health and well-being. Exploring ‘What are Cakras?’, the programme looks at the relevance of Sanskrit, Explores Cakra therapies, Studies the 7 subtle bodies of our Energy body and Discovers ways to heal Body, Mind and Spirit.

ekaH Foundation believe The Greatest Teacher is our Example.