NOCN Accredited Courses


ekaH Foundation courses areĀ  a collection of ground-breaking courses that have been designed to empower learners to experience the transformational power that true knowledge can bring. Drawing largely on the great tradition of knowledge that is Hindu philosophy, or Sanatana Dharma, (Perennial Wisdom), the courses provide you with a huge range of tools and techniques, all of which can be used seamlessly and universally by people from all backgrounds, faiths and walks of life, to effect real and lasting changes in your life.
The ekaH Foundation courses have been created by Humanitarian, Spiritual Teacher and Advocate for Compassion, Sri Ramana Devi. Passionate about the empowering nature of knowledge, Ramana Devi has devoted her whole life to the task of learning how we work and what makes us happy? Her perceptiveness into human nature and her wealth of experience working with people has enabled her to develop the Curriculum. It is the culmination of sixteen years experience of helping people know, love and be themselves.

The ekaH Foundation Curriculum is currently comprised of five Courses, each of which can be taken as a stand-alone subject in its own right.

Courses include:

Jiva Yoga Asanas,

Vidya an Introduction to Hindu Philosophy

Ramana Awareness Programme Personal Development

Ahimsa Natural Ecology for children and young people

Cakras Introduction

A broad array of inspiring learning to develop and cultivate your very beautiful divine Self!

All courses are an excellent introduction to the subject matter and provide learners with an endorsed certificate from the NOCN (National Open College Network). They also fulfil the entry requirements for our advanced facilitators training courses, which provide learners with a Level 3 teaching qualification that enables you to deliver the courses yourselves professionally. See our Facilitator Training Page for further details.


All courses are delivered online. Purchase of any/all course(s) will provide you with a digital manual and accompanying learner workbook, covering all aspects of the course.

You will work through the workbook, under supervision from a dedicated tutor who will be on hand to guide you through the process and help you should you encounter any problems along the way.


Assessment is based on your submission of a series of written answers in addition to a journal kept over a period of three weeks, and a final discussion with your tutor.

Successful completion of this course will provide you with an NOCN endorsed certificate.

Before materials are released to you, you will need to sign a contract safeguarding our ownership of the content. One of the terms of this contract is that all assessed work must be submitted within a period of three months from the date that you first receive your materials. This allows ample time for completion, even if studied on a very part time basis.