Life Skills Course




Life Skills Course for Young People

Our course teaches young people to explore and develop their Life Skills – skills that are necessary or desirable for the full participation in everyday life. We focus on the practical skills that are required in order to negotiate the challenges presented by everyday life.

Life skills are for how we deal with life; how we manage relationships, how we manage our finances, our living arrangements, how do we create the best possible lives for ourselves? and bring purpose and meaning into your lives.

There are five paths covered over 5 sessions (each session costs £140, and the course can be paid by instalments) which are; Self- Awareness, Self Expression, Emotional Health, Life Skills and Social Responsibility, to develop your experience of your true Self.

The course was designed for young people but it can be used by anyone seeking greater clarity, focus and purpose in their lives.

ekaH Foundation Guides, funds and supports Young people (up to 30 years old) in manifesting their talents, gifts and skills. The course includes support with branding, marketing, graphic design, website development.

We support you to identify your life purpose, work through your obstacles to achieving it and provide you with the tools to manifest it into real terms.


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