Medicinal Herbs St John’s Wort Leaf (25g)


St John’s Wort Leaf


Caution: Seek specialist advice if on any medication. Avoid excessive exposure to sun or UV light. These cautions do not apply to the infused oil of St John’s work.


This herb is familiar to many people as a natural antidepressant. It works well for mild-to-moderate depression. St John’s wort can be used in any circumstances where low mood is a symptoms, but it is especially helpful for menopausal mood swings and post-viral depression. St John’s wort is non-addictive, unlike many conventional antidepressants and has mild anti-anxiety properties. It is also a restorative herb for the nervous tissue, which means that it helps the recovery from illnesses of the nervous tissue (e.g. neuralgia) or injury to this tissue. The quality of preparation is the key to this herb’s effectiveness, so it is worth investing in high-quality products (see Resources section). St John’s wort works relatively quickly in my experience – within a week or two – but occasionally people need to persevere for longer to feel the uplifting effect. If you don’t experience a significant improvement within six weeks you should seek an alternative treatment.


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