Yoga and Meditation

How we work with Adults and Children

The ekaH Foundation aims to provide projects to support Adults and Children in their emotional health and well-being. Our programmes help increase a positive sense of how you think, feel and act, enabling you to have a greater enjoyment of life.

Meditation Programme

Our course aims to provide you with theory of how your mind works, techniques and practise to learn meditation tools.

Meditation creates emotional well-being, enhances self awareness and allows you to reach a place of peace inside yourself and most importantly your mind.

The course is delivered over a 5 week period. This can be done in the workplace, community organisations/local venue’s or on-line. Start a home study Meditation course now by clicking on this link

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is a set of mental, physical and spiritual practices that alleviate anxiety, stress and depression, whilst addressing a range of health issues.

The classes are an introduction to Yoga postures, suitable for all abilities. It also includes some theoretical knowledge and meditation techniques.

We have previously received funding from the NHS and Prescription for Well Being in East Lancashire to deliver this to people suffering with mental health issues, which has greatly improved their overall emotional health and well-being.

These courses can be delivered in the school environment, community organisations or local venue’s. Please contact ….. for more information.